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Bloom Assembly was born through the love for flowers, art, and business. The visionaries behind the brand, Janice and Kaitlin, created a world they did not see in the florist industry. Driven by curiosity and innovation, Bloom Assembly launched exclusively in the digital space in 2018.

Our Founders

Janice & Kaitlin are sisters-in-law, making Bloom Assembly a women-led, independent family business. Janice is our floral artist & designer and Kaitlin is our business developer & marketing director. Combining their individual forces of creativity and business savvy, they work to push the boundaries of floral design and create sought after bespoke flowers for weddings, events, homes, and more.


Bloom Assembly seeks to expand the perception of flowers as works of art for everyday life, not just for special occasions. Our mission is to create beauty for daily living and to bring people together through blooms.


Taking an artisanal approach to floral making, Bloom Assembly’s signature style is one imbued with poetry, with a thoughtful combination of hues, textures, and shapes to create sculptural artwork made of flowers.

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